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Green PPR pipe fittings

type: Fittings
material: PPR
color: green
brand: Haojia
price: $1.00

PPR Piping System is an absolute solution for distribution application of hot & cold water in all modern residential apartments, commercial buildings, housing societies and various industries due to its high resistance to high temperature and pressure. Imported, 100% food grade material is used in manufacturing of pipes & fittings.


Not detrimental to human health.

Rust and corrosion free.

Rupture free.

Food grade material.

No scaling.

High resistance to acids and chlorides.

Noise free at high flow rates.

High pressure tolerance and rating.

Light weight as compared to metallic pipes.

Speed and ease of fusion technology.

Extensive saving in time & labor.

UV resistance.

Low elastic modulus, low thermal distortion.

PPRC includes all necessary components for a complete water solution.

The service of the pipes can last over 50 years under regular operating conditions.


Cool and hot water distribution

Pipes for connecting various types of low-temperature heating systems

Pipes for solar energy system heating and cooling settings

Cold water piping for air conditioners

Application areas:

Potable water, hot and cold water, chemicals, irrigation

Apartments, condominiums, and public housing

Commercial shopping malls, as well as office buildings

Chemical and food processing manufacturing plants


Schools, laboratories and chemical sewerage

Hotels and resorts

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